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ISO Endorsements

Australian Smart Group are a third party endorsed ISO 45001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 company delivering the highest Safety, Quality and Environmental management and practices.

ISO 45001_COL

ISO 45001 – OHS

ASG are serious about the continual improvement of our Employee health & safety, Reducing workplace risks & creating better, safer working conditions that enable a mentally and physically safe workplace. That’s why we continue to remain ISO 45001 Endorsed.

Group 87

ISO 9001 – Quality

ASG cannot create a strong point of difference if we cannot continually improve on our clients’ expectations for the highest quality of our products and services. ISO 9001 has addressed and challenged various aspects of ASG’s quality management and continues to do so with every audit. That’s why we continue to remain ISO 9001 Endorsed.

Group 94

ISO 14001 – Environment

ASG has environmental management at the forefront of our vision being led by our renewable energy division. By proactively reducing our clients’ environmental impact we needed to be challenged on our own environmental impact and management. ISO 14001 provides the practical tools for the management of our environmental responsibilities and ensures we are continually improving on these responsibilities. That’s why we continue to remain ISO 14001 Endorsed.

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