Tesla Powerwall

With a Tesla off-grid system, you can reliably generate, store and power your home and live independently from the grid.

Portable Solar Office

Plug & Play temporary office space powered by renewable solar energy

Tesla Powerwall battery storage supply and installation

During a power outage, complete reliance on your local energy company can leave you with dark nights and defrosted freezers. That’s why many solar customers use battery storage and backup solutions. Solar battery storage is a great source of renewable energy that can help you prepare for power outages. As a certified Tesla Powerwall installer, ASG is ready to offer you Tesla’s top-of-the-line solar storage solution.

The Tesla Powerwall is a lithium-ion battery pack used to store excess energy produced by solar panel systems. Tesla’s most updated model, the Powerwall 2.0, dramatically reduces your grid reliance by storing excess solar energy to use when there’s no sun in sight.

Powerwall Benefits

Use Your Solar Power at Night
Store energy throughout the day to be used to power your home at night.
Prepare for Unexpected Power Outages

Keep your refrigerator and freezers running for days at a time with the Powerwall system just like you would with a generator.

Monitor and Optimize Energy Costs

Data collection enables your system to learn your energy usage and generation patterns. This helps you avoid high-cost electricity periods by using your battery storage as an alternative.

The Installation

ASG is a Tesla Certified Installer trained to properly install Powerwall while adhering to strict quality, permitting and inspection requirements. Our technicians will spend the day integrating your new Tesla Powerwall into your existing solar PV system. After installation, your solar panel grid will generate power as normal. You will automatically get access to the Tesla mobile app, software updates and access to support upon installation.

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